Jon Gubman

GitHub (most of my work is a private repos...)
15+ years of experience creating database-driven, consumer-facing web applications.
Skill Summary:
Ruby, Java, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, Shell Scripting, CSS, HTML, JavaScript
Web Servers/Frameworks:
Ruby on Rails, ATG Dynamo Application Server (4.5 - 5.6), Apache, LiteSpeed, Lighttpd, CGI/FastCGI
Professional Experience:
Principal Software Engineer     Funny Or Die, Palo Alto, CA     2007 - present
Ruby on Rails running on Linux
MySQL 5 Database
LiteSpeed Web Server

Sr. Software Engineer     LookSmart, San Francisco, CA     2005 - 2007
Ruby on Rails running on Linux
Oracle 10g Database
Apache 2.2
Lead engineer for LookSmart's Ruby on Rails based "Ad Center", where advertisers create and manage ad campaigns
Past Roles/Responsibilities:

Lead effort to rebuild LookSmart's advertiser products on Ruby on Rails
Develop and maintain LookSmart's ATG Dynamo Java based "Advertiser Center"

Web Developer     PayPal, San Jose, CA     2004 - 2005
XML/XSL running on Linux/UNIX, managed in a multi-stream ClearCase environment
Developed XML pages, Schema definitions and XSLT templates. Part of a sixteen person group doing all of PayPal's front-end development.

Senior Web Developer     LookSmart, San Francisco, CA     1999 - 2004
ATG Dynamo 5.6 behind Apache running on Solaris 8
Lead Developer in charge of LookSmart's Pay-Per-Click and Pay-For-Placement product suites.
Helped rollout, develop and maintain migration of LookSmart's Web properties and syndicated partner sites as they moved off proprietary page composition software to a customized PHP setting. Participated in back-end Perl and PHP coding, code reviews and active development.
Developed and maintained syndicated versions of the LookSmart directory for partners, including, Go2Net, Juno, Prodigy, CNN/Time Warner, Shockwave and others, using LookSmart's proprietary page-composition software.
Developed and maintained LookSmart's various Web properties during my tenure at LookSmart, including, and the About Us section of LookSmart.

Teaching Assistant     University of Nevada, Reno     1997-1998
Instructed students in two new media courses, Online Reporting and Editing and Interactive Media. Online Reporting and Editing used students as reporters for a weekly-updated news Web site for the journalism school. Duties included teaching students how to write headlines, produce HTML files, create graphic files using Adobe Photoshop, and produce video and sound files using Quicktime or RealVideo.
Interactive Media, taught CD-ROM development. Taught students how to acquire images, create graphics, produce audio files and author Quicktime VR panoramas. Used students' productions to create a cross-platform CD-ROM for the University's Admissions and Records office using Macromedia Director.

Webmaster     Blacksheep Films, Mill Valley,CA     1997-1999
Created a Web site to promote the feature movie, The Moneytree. Site included video clips, critic reviews, links, biographies and ordering information

Web/Multimedia Developer     VRPR, Reno, NV     1996-1998
Produced and developed multimedia-rich Web sites for clients, including the Northern Nevada Medical Center, the California Transplant Donor Network and the United Way of Northern Nevada.

Research Assistant     University of Nevada, Reno     1996-1997
Assisted the director of new media of the Journalism school. Designed and produced Web sites for the University. Authored virtual tour of the campus consisting of 10 Quicktime VR panoramas.
MA Journalism 1998: Reynolds School of Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno - Reno, NV;
Honors: 3.9 GPA, Leonard Memorial Scholarship, RSJ Service Award, Graduate Student Representative.
Thesis: Comparative Analysis of the Effects of a CD-ROM Presentation vs. a Video-Based Presentation.

BA English/Film Studies 1993: University of California, Riverside - Riverside, CA;
Related Training:
React Nanodegree: Udacity
Java, Discovering it Power: University of California Berkeley Extension
Introduction to Perl Programming: University of California Berkeley Extension
Designing Dynamic Web Pages: ATG Dynamo
Multimedia Studies Program: San Francisco State University
Courses: Photoshop, Theory and Criticism of Multimedia, Director
XML Intensive: Web 2000 Conference
Published articles:
Gubman, J., & Greer, J. (1999).     Choosing the medium: Comparing the effectiveness of video and computer-based presentations as an instructional tool. Accepted for presentation and publication by the International Communication Association.

Gubman, J. & Greer, J. (1998).     An analysis of online sites produced by U.S. newspapers: Are the critics right? Accepted for presentation and publication by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.

Mensing, D., Gubman, J., & Louis, S. (1998).     Measuring recall of linear and non-linear online news texts. Accepted for presentation and publication by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications.